SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST) – In the next few days, the Concho Valley is expecting overnight temperatures to drop below freezing. In cold temperatures, pipes can freeze, crack, and burst, but that can be prevented if you take proper measures ahead of time, so it’s important to protect pipes before the cold front rolls in to prevent plumbing issues.

Kacey Doucet from 3-D’s Plumbing, explains, “When it gets cold, water can freeze inside the pipes. A lot of times that can cause your pipes to expand and then when they can re-contract they will crack or you’ll get a leak.”

However, this can easily be prevented with some products that you can easily purchase at a hardware store and install yourself that will protect pipes and spigots.

Jared Motl from Ace Hardware says, “A foam faucet cover with a piece of insulation around the edge is a very simple process of installation. You just take the rubber strap and put it around the handle then take the tie, pull it down, and tighten it up flush against your wall. Some other simple processes to prevent these freezes is also to provide pipe insulation on your exposed exterior pipes.”

Kacey Doucet from 3-D’S Plumbing says if your pipes do freeze you should wait until they’ve warmed back up to turn them on.