SAN ANGELO, Texas- Water is essential in our daily life from showers, to cooking, to drinking water. Our community water systems work to evaluate the source of our water for compliance with state-mandated water quality standards.

San Angelo has three water sources including O.H. Ivie, the Hickory Aquifer and Twin Buttes.

Tymn Combest with the City of San Angelo Water Quality Plant says, “Of our three water sources, our best water source is the Hickory [Aquifer], the mineral content in it is around 450 parts per million. After that, would be Twin Buttes around 700 parts per million and after that, O.H. Ivie, is probably our highest mineralized water at about 1000 parts per million.

According to officials, our tap water is completely safe to drink but if you’ve ever noticed a unique taste to the water, its most likely due to the mineral count.

“That’s the problem with San Angelo’s water, since its surface water there’s a lot of minerals in the water and so, the fewer minerals, the better the water quality,” Combest said. “Our water is definitely safe to drink, although some people complain about the taste because of the amount of salt in the water. Some people will put a water softener in their house and then follow that up with an Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit if they want to make it a little bit more potable but as far as drinkability the water is real safe.”

Many experts in town recommend a water softener or a RO system that removes 90 percent of minerals in your homes water including Larry Johnson, owner of Angelo RO express.

“An RO system will remove about 95 to 97 percent of all those impurities and remove the chlorine so you have bottle water type quality water at your tap,” Johnson said. “In addition to reverse osmosis units, you can get a traditional water softener. Water softeners help with the calcium magnesium build up in the pipes. They also help make your clothes cleaner, your skin softer, and so that is something to definitely look into. They are a little more expensive but in the long run way worth it.”

Experts suggest home owners contact a local water treatment company instead of buying systems online because it could lead to you not having anyone to service the system.