SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department have made it easier for fisherman to take part in their ShareLunker program.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries District Supervisor Lynn Wrights says, “the ShareLunker program is a statewide program so the original ShareLunker program actually began back in 1986.”

For those who may not know, a “Lunker” is a term for a large, Large Mouth Bass.

The program is designed to help populate the area bodies of water with Large Mouth Bass fish that have a better genetic sequence to grow larger, and faster. Wright says their goal is “to utilize those genetics of those large fish and distribute them out throughout the state.”

There are two types of Large Mouth Bass, a Northern and Floridian Bass. The Floridian Bass tend to have the genetic sequence that grows to a larger size throughout their lifetime. Wright says they stock the waters with Floridian Bass, though you may still catch a northern or sometimes a hybrid bass, where the North and Florida species have procreated.

With the program, anyone who catches a Bass that is over 24 inches in length or over 8 pounds, can call the Texas Parks and Wildlife, or now download their app and donate their bass to the population effort.

Wright says the ShareLunker program over the years has grown and they have seen even better results after the release of their app.


The app once downloaded and an account has been created, is an easy one to use. All you do is input information on your catch such as length, weight, and catch location and time; and a biologist with Parks and Wildlife will meet you at the catch location and take the fish.

Once the Fish has been picked up by the biologist, it is transferred to Athens, Texas where the breeding takes place. On average, a single bass can help to produce 10,000 basses that get re-released into the waters at fingerling size (1 and 1/2 inches).

To learn more information about the ShareLunker program, visit