SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST) – For the first time in 20 years, City of San Angelo staffers are working on a new master plan for the city’s drainage systems.

During this week’s City Council Meeting, council members heard proposals about some of the cost estimates which are in the millions.

Overall, there are about 23 hotspots that the city needs to take care of, with 10 of the most important highlighted. One project, per hotspot, could total almost $17 million and the city, for now, does not have a dedicated “drainage plan fund” which, for now, means the proposals are still in the initial stages.

Patrick Frerich with the City of San Angelo says, “You know we’re not talking about hundreds of 1000s of dollars we’re talking about millions of dollars and when the city doesn’t have a dedicated drainage fund in place to tackle those projects it’s difficult.”

However, the departments plan is to prioritize which areas are of most concern and address them gradually as more money and opportunities become available.

Frerich explains, “What this plan does is it gives us the documents and make us ready for those opportunities. When they do come up.”

This plan is currently in a proposal phase and will be revised and revisited for council to take an official vote in a future meeting.