Our Water: San Angelo water utility billing


SAN ANGELO, TX – San Angelo residents have long had strong feelings and lingering questions about their water bills. Specifically, about how they are stuctured and just what specifically they are being billed for.

“The residential rates are on a tiered system and so as you use more water you’re charged more per thousand gallons,” explains San Angelo Water Utility Director Allison Strube. “There is a base rate for both the water and sewer side and those help the water side of the utility. It costs the utility water to deliver it to your tap whether you take a drop of it or not it’s avaiable for your use at your meter.”

City residents are also vocal on how they feel about the way the water billing works. Recent polls on social media show that the reponse is mostly negative though. Even after the already complex system of water use and meter size are factored in, there is also run-off to calculate.

“It depends on the impervious area of your home,” said Strube. “So how much, if your entire lot is concrete you would get billed verus someone that has that same lot size but it’s completely grass. So it depends on how much run-off that property can produce.”

The city does attempt to clear things up by spelling out the various, and varying, parts of residents water utility bills on the city website. Also, while some billing relief programs are going away for many San Angeloans, others for seniors and low-income families are just beginning.

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Water Conservation Status

Standard Conservation

San Angelo is in standard conservation, which restricts outside watering to twice every seven days at no more than 1 inch per week. Watering is prohibited between noon and 6:00 p.m., but runoff of more than 150 feet down any street, gutter, alley or ditch is prohibited.

Report watering violations by clicking on https://www.cosatx.us/departments-services/water-conservation/report-a-water-violation or calling 325-657-4409. Do your part; be water smart!