OUR WATER: San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo

Local logistics and water use

San Angelo, TX - The parking, power and water infrastructure for and around the Foster Communication Coliseum complex already makes it seem like a small town. When the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo comes, it blooms into a thriving mini-metropolis, including the water resources needed to run it.

"There are dedicated water lines that were specifically build for the facility here," explained Justin Jonas, the executive director for the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo. "We use about 300,000- to 400,000 gallons of water through the month of February at the stock show and rodeo. It's utilized in a wide variety of manner, from caring for animals, used by the vendors, used in restrooms for the coliseum, and our midway."

That water is vitally important to the livestock gathered in the barns to be shown, judged or ridden in the arena over the course of the three weeks the event runs.

Mason McGuire, operations director for the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo explained further: "So water  is a huge deal for the livestock industry and rodeo industry. Every barn we have out here has wash bays and hose spigots to make it self-sufficient for these livestock exhibitors to wash their animals and to make sure they get plenty of water so that they stay hydrated."

Those same barns have external hookups that make water available to vendors. Any vendor that participates in the event has access to the necessities of water and electricity. Organizers say that they take months in advance to plan where to put each vendor.

As families and spectators enjoy the shows, rides, food and fun of the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo, our water stands ready to keep it all flowing smoothly.

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