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Map data and insurance

San Angelo, TX - In the presence of San Angelo surface reservoirs and the paths of the Concho River, San Angelo is no stranger to the risks of building near or in a floodplain. The city has a flood plain through the middle of it because of the Concho Rivers. The risks from these are mitigated by Twin Buttes and O.C. Fisher reservoirs. Before they were built, the floodplain used to be much greater.

Due to the inherent danger still present, the city takes steps to ensure that buildings constructed in the floodplain are reasonably protected. Either by being built two feet above the typical flood level, or by water proofing to a similar extent. Even still, it is only a matter of time.

Time, if expected to happen anytime between now and one-hundred years out, that FEMA expects buildings to have flood insurance. Builders adherence to city elevation requirements can have massive impacts on those insurance rates, making elevation and floodplain mapping data crucial. FEMA has not undertaken to update their maps since 2012, but the city of San Angelo has. They have sought to gather more accurate data by utilizing LIDAR technology. That data is not yet reflected in maps available to the public, but the city is working toward that eventuality.

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