OUR WATER: Reservoirs continue significant gains in May


SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Concho Valley reservoirs continued to take on significant water in their basins during the month of May, 2019, with the notable exception of O.C. Fisher.

O.C. Fisher’s last notable rise in water was in October of 2018, when a heavy rain event north of Sterling City swelled the banks of the North Concho, shutting down low water crossings as the deluge made its way into its basin. The reservoir has since meandered back and forth in the 11-13% full range as rains danced around its watershed for the past 8 months.

Twin Buttes gained 11,714 acre feet (3.8 billion gallons) in the month, in daily gains plus two significant runoff events. The first gained the reservoir 5,715 acre feet (1.8 billion gallons) of water in a 48-hour time period. On May 9th alone, 1.25 billion gallons of water poured into the reservoir.

The second event was the early morning of May 18, 2019, with storms that generated the EF2 (135 mph winds) tornado that ravaged the West Texas Boys Ranch, the Immanuel Baptist Church, the Bradford area in northeast San Angelo — uprooting trees, bowling over fences, power lines snapped, roofs blown off and many other damages recorded in the area. The storm continued to Ballinger where the tornado, having grown in strength to an EF3 (155 mph winds), wreaked major damage in that community.

The runoff from the storm pumped a half-billion gallons into the reservoir in less than 24 hours. The two-day total from the run off was 2,180 acre feet (710 million gallons).

Since the rains started in September of 2018, the reservoir has gained 45 vertical feet in water elevation, the north and south pools have equalized into a single body of water, and the gains have not shown any signs off stopping.

The reservoir currently sits at just under 75% full with 139,562 acre feet (45.5 billion gallons) impounded in its basins.

The E.V. Spence reservoir near Robert Lee, has had significant gains as rains across the northern portions of the Concho Valley and southern areas of the Big Country swelled the Colorado and other tributaries draining into it. In the last few days the volume of water has dramatically increased, gaining 5,000 acre feet (1.6 billion gallons) of water in 48 hours. It currently is just under 30% full with 153,800 acre feet (50 billion gallons) of water behind its dam.

The O.H. Ivie Reservoir, with its 24K square mile drainage area, has filled to over 70% full (388,400 acre feet, 126.5 billion gallons) of water as the Concho and Colorado rivers swell and fill its banks.


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