SAN ANGELO, Texas — The water used by the city of San Angelo is given a new purpose through the water reclamation plant as it is reclaimed for a new use. Any water flushed down the toilet or down a drain enters into the reclamation plant where it undergoes a series of 7 steps before it is re-used as irrigation water.

The City’s Assistant Water Utilities Director Andy Vecellio says the facility filters 7.5 million gallons of water every day that gets used for irrigation up to 16 miles away from the plant.

“The water through the collection system comes into the main list station which then pumps it up into the head works or the entrance structure. There it removes really large solids through screens or grit removal. From there the wastewater goes to the primary clarifier and the primary clarifier settles out some of the larger solids and the fats, oils and greases will float to the top and be removed there” Vecellio said.

The next step is to introduce oxygen which houses micro-organisms into the water helping to break up and eat away the waste. The wastewater then continues to secondary clarifiers which allow for additional settling to remove some of the solids, or sludge.

After leaving the four secondary clarifiers, the water is joined together in the contact basin, which is transferred to the two lagoons which each have a capacity to house up to 1 billion gallons of water that is used in the irrigation process.