Our Water: People Plant Connection rainwater capture and gardening seminar


Covering passive and active capture, Texas friendly plants

SAN ANGELO, Texas – People Plant Connection of San Angelo teaches and encourages people about gardening and water usage in monthly seminars, one of which takes place Thursday, October 8, 2020. For those interested in rainwater capture, wise water usage and gardening this month’s seminar features insights from local master gardeners.

“We’ll be covering some basic themes, such as why is there an interest in collecting rainwater,” said Master Gardener Ron Knight. “Then we’ll talk about the difference between passive and active collection. We’ll cover things like rain gardens, and most importantly, how do you go about collecting rainwater and once you collect it how you distribute it to the areas that you need.”

There will also be information about Texas friendly plants. The seminar will be held at the People Plant Connection studio located at 416 South Oaks. The cost is $20, capacity is limited due to self distancing, and attendees will need to wear masks. To register call 325-656-3104, or visit the organization website.

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