Our Water: Paint Rock ISD rerouting city waterline during track project


Adding $180,000 to budget of much needed project

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Paint Rock Independent School District has undertaken several major improvement projects of late. One of those projects is their new track, which is facing a small challenge. A city shallow buried city waterline runs right under where the track and field are going and the city has required the school to reroute it.

The water line rerouting project has tacked on an additional $180,000 to the track project budget.
However, District Superintendent Ron Cline says it and other projects are still important and valuable. “Over the last several years we’ve been having a lot of kids that keep saying well we wish we had to track,” explained Cline. “Paint Rock has never had a full blown, you know, asphalt track and all before. And so we’re in a financial position where we could put one in. So you’ll kind of see behind me here that’s one of the things that is going on right now.”

Cline went on to say that the process has been educational, and worthwhile to improve the campus and student experience. In prior years, the city of Paint Rock has made major repairs to their municipal water system.

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