Our Water: Mineral Wells Crossing floods concern residents


Action wanted on new bridge or road easement

CHRISTOVAL, Texas – Residents of Mineral Wells Crossing in Christoval have dealt with flooding for years. But in the last few, the concern has grown as there is now only one way in or out. Those with medical needs, children, the elderly and even livestock owners say it is of great concern that they can be so easily isolated.

“It’s very scary, because you’re trapped,” said Michelle Malone, a resident of Mineral Wells Crossing. “You not only can your kids not go to school for the things that they need to, but two years ago, I had a horse that was sick and I couldn’t get him to the vet, because we couldn’t get across.”

Numerous residents have spoken up about the issue to county and state officials. Tom Green County Commissioner Bill Ford of Precinct 4 says that applications are being prepared but there are a lot of criteria and it’s slow going. “There’s a process, it takes years but of the bridge being built, could be the state could, but it’s got certain criteria. And it doesn’t really meet that criteria but you know it still could. Things change in government and, and it’s a possibility where there’s an application that we’re trying to put into for a bridge grant.”

Residents mentioned taking a former ranch easement back via imminent domain on grounds of public safety, others just want a bridge or another road built.

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