SAN ANGELO, TX – Summer is heating up and many families will be visiting the Love Municipal Pool at 18 E Avenue A next to the River Stage. Equipment maintenance and chemical treatment levels are crucial to ensuring a care free atmosphere.

“We use CO2 for our pH and then the chlorinator [takes pellets],” said Megan McLaughlin Asst. Pool Manager. The system also utilizes diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is made from the fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. “[That] acts as the media for the filter; it filters down into a finer gradient than the sand filter would,” McLaughlin explained further.

The pool staff are well aware of the challenges of keeping well over 100,000 gallons of water in perfect balance.  “San Angelo water is notoriously high in calcium levels,” said Dason Tucker the pool manager for Love Municipal Pool. “So one thing that we have to do pretty regularly here is just drop down our pool water levels to add in a fresh water supply. That’s because we run a calcium based chlorine here. It does tend to bump up those chlorine levels pretty high. Unfortunately for pools there is nothing you can actually add to take down that calcium level so the only thing we can do is add fresh water to the source.”

It’s all worth it though, to provide an oasis in West Texas, complete with Summer events. “We operate Tuesday through Sunday from noon to six,” Tucker detailed. “We’re also open in the evenings for private pool parties and then some special events that the city will actually host here as well.
So, for instance, July the third we’ll the Splash Bash that runs in conjunction with the Pops Concert that goes on down at the River Stage. People can come in, they’ll buy an admission ticket and then they can actually enjoy the Pops Concert from the pool itself.”

For more information about the municipal pool visit the city website.