Our Water: lakes well stocked despite Texas hatcheries yielding fewer fish


Fishing regulation changes coming September 2020

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries division has recently stocked Concho Valley waterways with fish. Amid the challenges brought on by the covid-19 crisis, Inland Fisheries division personnel have had to make due with limitation in fish and other resources.

“This time of the year is is our time when we stock our largemouth bass. We’ve been doing a lot of that, we finished up stocking about 120,000 fingerlings in OH Ivie reservoir,” explained TPWD District Fisheries Supervisor for San Angelo Lynn Wright. “Because of the restrictions that were placed on us, for work, the hatcheries weren’t able to produce the number of fish they typically produce in a year. So while all the lakes that asked for fish got stocked this year they got stocked about half the rate they would typically receive fish. So, our stockings are down because of our work restrictions, but we were a still able to stock all the lakes we wanted to stock.”

Wright went on to elaborate on changes to fishing regulations coming soon, due in part to the diligent work of his team. “This year were able to successfully get the regulation changed so on September 1, 2020 the 10 inch minimum length limit on Lake Nasworthy will be removed,” said Wright. “What that means is anglers that are fishing for crappie can harvest any size they want, there’s no longer a size limit, there’s still a 25 fish bag. So you can each angler can harvest 25 a day.”

Good news for local fishing enthusiasts. For more information, visit the TPWD webpage.

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