SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST) – New construction is expected at Lake Nasworthy is coming this winter, according to Assistant Director of Operations, Patrick Frederick. This is the beginning of a new project to replace the pier. It will be available for fishing but will also serve as a location for events as well.

Ken Taylor, of the Nasworthy Home Owner’s Association explains, “It’s going to be improved over what we have now it’s going to be lit. We will have a cover on it, it can be used through the city reservation for small events, or a venue set up.”

Frerich elaborates, “so you’ll be able to go out there and host events on it, or you know, just get out of the sun, if you do just want to fish or hang out.”

The pier was meant to be completed this summer, but the original $1.7 million plan was rejected. San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter attributed that rejection to the increase in cost of commodities. However, with the revised plan, this project funding will not come from taxes or city budget.

“That is 100% funded by the likeness where they find that the voters approved us to use so it’s not coming out of any your tax money or anything like that from the city,” notes Frerich.