SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST) – According to the Water Plant Operations Manager, Tymn Combest, “Right now, some of San Angelo’s current water plant is 100 years old.”

To upgrade the water plant operations systems, some major improvements will be made with construction beginning in 2022. However, this plant does still work to clear our water of contaminants like giardia or cryptosporidium that may be found in the water sources. This is completed with a multi-step process.

Tymn Combest, Water Plant Operations Manager, says “Our water treatment plan is really a five-stage process. We start out with chemical addition, then we do coagulation, that makes all the solids in the water come together. Then we do sedimentation, we settle those solids out. Then we do filtration and then the final step is disinfection.”

Five years ago, San Angelo City Council turned down a request to put in a reverse osmosis water plant. This would further filter the water. Plant operations manager says San Angelo water is safe to drink, but a reverse osmosis system would improve the taste.