SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST) – The amount of precipitation the Concho Valley receives has a great impact on our water resources. To the San Angelo State Park, it’s more than just our drinking water, it reaches supplies to wildlife as well.

West Texas is known for its dry conditions so water can be scarce throughout the year. With a “La Nina” weather pattern of dryer weather for the winter setting in, we’re entering the stage just before the “moderate drought” level.

At the San Angelo State Park, administrators try to always be aware of whether wildlife have adequate drinking water and this year’s abundance of rain helped replenish our bodies of water.

Many species of animals tend to live nearby water and San Angelo State Park Assistant Superintendent, Butch Street, says the water resources they have in the park help concentrate wildlife in the area, but the animals don’t consume as much as the average human and have other modes of hydration.

Street continues, “We came off of a drought year before last. This year, we were pretty fortunate to get rains scattered out throughout the year, so we got some good rains and we benefited from that. They can get water from other sources too.”

He also says if water supplies do dry out, the Park can also rely on City of San Angelo Municipal water.