Our Water: First ever regional flood mitigation plan


SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST) – The 2019 Texas Legislature created and funded the first ever regional and state flood planning process.

The Flood Plan objectives include documentation of existing flood infrastructure and preparedness, identify current and future flood hazard risks, and develop flood mitigation/management goals.

Rick Bacon, Tom Green County Commissioner, says, “Part of the plan is also to identify projects that will help mitigate this stuff. So as we go through that, what we’re hoping to do will identify these areas and prioritize where the major problems are. Hopefully through the Texas Water Development Board and the Flood Planning groups, we would be able to get some funding set aside for that, and then work on these projects that will help mitigate and prevent people from having property damage when we have these floods.”

Regional flood plans must be delivered by January 10, 2023 and are set to be adopted by state legislature by September 1, 2024…. these plans include specific objectives.

The Region 9 Flood Planning Chairwoman, Allison Strube explains, “The objectives are to identify the flood infrastructure that we have within our region. Also, to develop and create mitigation goals so that we don’t have structures within the floodplain and that we can hopefully prevent some of these people that are affected by floods when they do occur in our region.”

They’re encouraging residents to submit areas of particular trouble on cosatx.us to help identify and evaluate flood management strategies and mitigation projects and evaluate benefits/impacts to water supply,

Bacon says, “We’re trying to get as much input as possible. We have some of the stuff from the news media, but when we have major events, especially like in cities where you have storm water flooding and different things like that, we don’t always know where all of those occur. And so, part of the plan is to involve the public as much as possible.”

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