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Texas Water Development Board hopes for faster, more accurate data

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – The north pool of Twin Buttes Reservoir is home to a new evaporation pan installed by the Texas Water Development Board to help them better study water data. Twin Buttes is one of the drinking water sources for San Angelo and city staff says having better and more accurate evaporation data on this reservoir will be helpful for the city. The evaporation pan was installed in February, 2021 and will be out in the reservoir for approximately two years. While this was a TWDB project, the city of San Angelo which oversees Twin Buttes, also had a hand in the installation.

“The city’s role with this project was mainly consideration for where it would be located,” said San Angelo Water Utility Director Alison Strube. “We worked with Texas Water Development Board in their contractor to locate it in a centralized location at the reservoir.”

Given the cost of $50,000 and the importance of the sensor, it is crucial the equipment not be disturbed or damaged. According to TWDB staff, the sensor will make measuring water loss due to evaporation more accurate and faster.

“The Twin Buttes Project is part of a receivable grant that the Texas Water Development Board received from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Drought Response Program to improve evaporative loss estimates for Texas,” explained Nelun Fernando, Water Availability Program Manager for TWDB. “To get the reservoir evaporation we have to multiply values of the evaporation that’s collected from the pans by a coefficient, and the Twin Buttes pan is going to let us update those coefficients for the area around Twin Buttes.”

The data will be available to the public through the Water Data for Texas website.

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