Our Water: Bronte water plant pulling double duty


Bronte has been working overtime to ensure that all of Coke County has potable water. For the past seven years though, that has proven to be very expensive.

During a period of intense drought and water shortage throughout the Concho Valley in 2012, Bronte agreed to help out their neighbor, Robert Lee. That alone puts strain on the infrastructure, and all of the two staff Bronte has to maintain it. But Robert Lee has been using more than the allotted ammount of water, causing a 150% rise in the ammount of water Bronte has to treat.

The water treatment plant for Bronte was last updated in 1985. Both cities are seeking the requisite funding through the USDA and the Texas Water Development Board to handle ther respective needs. Nothing has panned out yet. As of May 1, 2019 Bronte will have to start collecting on any water overages incurred by Robert Lee.

In a letter from January 17, 2018 the city of Bronte informed Robert Lee that Bronte would be installing a new water meter to ensure accuracy in reading the water usage of Robert Lee. If Robert Lee exceeds their limit of 200,000 gallons per day, Bronte will have to exercise their right to charge on that overage in order to offset the cost of maintenance and repairs to their infrastructure.

Rober Lee is responsible for providing water to the Coke County Water Supply Corporation, servicing rural residents West of the city. Right now the sale of water by Robert Lee to the CCWSC helps offsett the costs of Bronte water. As of yet there is no word on whether the CCWSC will pass overage charges onto customers, but staff with the city of Robert Lee have stated they feel the city must pass some of those overage charges on to Robert Lee residents and on to the CCWSC.

Mayor Gohman of Bronte says that a possible next step for them is to approach state representatives directly with an appeal for funding. We will bring you more information on this as it becomes available.

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