Our Water: Ballinger continuing quarter century of improvements


SAN ANGELO, Texas – The community of Ballinger is continuing their quarter century trend of updating vital infrastructure. They are also working on a joint project with the city of Abilene which may prove more beneficial than the city’s previous agreement with Millersview Doole Water Supply Corporation. In addition to updating and improving water infrastructure throughout and around Ballinger, the city is also looking to the next generation of key staff.

Ryan Koenig, is one of those personell. “I’ve been working for this water plant for five years now,” said Koenig, currently a water plant operator. “I have my C Surface Water License, and I’ve recently submitted an application to take the B Surface Water. So hopefully here in the next couple of months I’ll get my B License.” Once that is completed, it is expected Koenig will relieve Randy Everett, a city staff member for 30 years and current water plant superintendent.

With their long history of water improvements, Ballinger’s streets have taken a beating. As such the city is seeking USDA funding for road paving before continuing with water system projects.

“We’ve replaced approximatelty 60% of our city [water pipelines] with poly pipe,” said Tommy Turney, city manager for Ballinger. “[Poly pipe] is a very durable and long lasting pipe. You get very few leaks after the installation. We plan on next year applying for a water project [grant] to start to handle the 40% that still needs to be replaced.”

The expected completion date for the piping project is 2021. This story may be updated with more information at a later date. To suggest further topics for Our Water, contact Victor Glenn at vglenn@klst.net .

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