OUR WATER: Angelo Water Service

Filtering tap water where municipal services leave off

San Angelo, TX - Angelo Water Service has been part of San Angelo since 1944, dealing in residential and business water treatment with the Culligan brand of systems. The business picks up where municipal services leave off, reducing hard water minerals like calcium and filtering out salts.

Company president Greg Gayler elaborated on the business saying "we're a full-line water treatment dealer. So we treat residential and commercial businesses. We offer water softeners, reverse osmosis, filtration, disinfection — if people have wells that have bacteria in them we treat those. We do bottled water, we do vended water, just anything to improve the quality of the water."

The Gayler family began running the business in 1978, and set about updating the services and technology. "One of the biggest things was the automatic units," Gayler said. "They were becoming more popular. Older technology was the 'portable exchange' where you had to physically go out and change the softener and bring it back to the shop to regenerate. We switched all those over in the first few years to automatics."

Over the decades that his family has run and expanded the business, Gayler has noted the progress that the technology has made in terms of efficiency. "The softners are much more efficient than they were 20 to 30 years ago," explained Gayler. "Our equipment is manufactured to heavy duty specifications so it lasts a good long time, and the new equipment, the resin technology has increased the way the units perform — using less water."

Employing 15 people locally, and serving mostly residential customers, the business continues to be an integral part of our water and our community.

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