Our Water: 2020 highlight recap report


TWDB flood planning and city infrastructure key

SAN ANGELO, Texas – When it comes to the the most precious resource in the Concho Valley, 2020 was a busy year. From funding to regulation changes to zebra mussels and golden algae. One of the biggest developments was the roll out of TWDB flood planning. Beyond the remapping and infrastructure projects across the state, here in San Angelo there was a pressing need to update aging water infrastructure.

“Water and sewer infrastructure was being rehabilitated in 2020,” explained Allison Strube, Water Utility Director for the city of San Angelo. “Projects such as Bell Street and North Chadbourne where the street is being reconstructed, water and sewer mains were rehabilitated in those area as well as a sewer line replacement project was performed at Highway 67 near the industrial park and Howard College.”

Focusing in further on the community, the People Plant Connection team tried to keep residents educated and enthralled with their community garden. Recognized and awarded for their rain capture system, the non-profit had to rely on San Angelo Area Foundation funding to stay afloat during the pandemic.

“We continued to work on our children’s garden,” said People Plant Connection President Susan Stanfield. “We had a little glitch there for a couple of months, where we couldn’t work, but we still had some good volunteers that were willing to be outside to help us build the children’s garden. We are in the process of putting hopefully the final touches on it, it was delayed because of the coronavirus. We didn’t have any classes going on [and] when you’re a nonprofit and you’re paying utilities and rent, then the utilities or rent still come in and we’re a very small nonprofit.”

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Current status of COVID-19 testing in San Angelo

Water Conservation Status

Standard Conservation

San Angelo is in standard conservation, which restricts outside watering to once every seven days at no more than 1 inch per week. Runoff of more than 150 feet down any street, gutter, alley or ditch is prohibited.

Report watering violations by clicking on https://www.cosatx.us/departments-services/water-conservation/report-a-water-violation or calling 325-657-4409. Do your part; be water smart!