North Concho River sees massive flow after rains


Recent rains have lead to a rise in water level in the North Concho River. Flow gauges in Sterling City began giving off alerts as the water quickly rose surpassing nine vertical feet. The final rise to nearly thirteen feet took the otherwise dry river bed and brought with it a powerful flow of water. Spectators gathered on the F.M. 2288 bridge by the north entrance to the San Angelo State Park to watch the powerful waters which rose this morning by over a dozen vertical feet.

“It’s still flowing out about 3000 cubic feet per second right now,” said Chuck Brown, Director of Operations for the Upper Colorado River Authority. “So, we should, we could, expect O.C. Fisher to catch some pretty significant additional gains throughout the next few days.”

It is that flow that brought brought the water to where it was around midday, as it was still slowly rising. Tom Green County Sheriffs Deputies as well as TX DOT workers came out to the bridge on F.M. 2288 over the North Concho River to monitor the rising water levels and if necessary, close the bridge.

Brown added that the Oak Creek Reservoir near Blackwell is over 100% full.

“It’s actually over full by a little over a foot, and it is starting to spill out of the emergency spillway,” said Brown. “It’s not a dangerous flow situation but that lake is full and the little bit of water that leaves that reservoir through discharge will make its way down Oak Creek past the Colorado River at Ballinger, and eventually into the O.H. Ivie Reservoir.”

With the memory of recent flooding still being recovered from in Sonora, and the latest instance of flooding in Junction, the rising water has drawn many concerned eyes. Officials have said that they expect the waters of the North Concho River to begin falling back to normal levels over the course of the next few days.

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