Chemicals and waste into area waterways


SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST) – Above average rainfall in San Angelo for the year has caused some runoff into lakes, not significant, but enough to keep levels steady to balance usage.

Experts say it’s always important to be aware of harmful chemicals that can wash away from your home and yard and eventually flow into water sources. This can also disturb algae and oxygen balances.
“Keep San Angelo Beautiful’s” Charlotte Anderson says everything that’s in your yard or driveway can eventually end up with runoff in near by rivers and reservoirs. That includes pesticides, herbicides, oil, and even transmission fluid.

Anderson explains, “When it rains it pours all these items into lakes, rivers, and streams. And then that’s where we can have a contamination problem. It can be bad for swimming; it reduces oxygen levels.”

This runoff is positive for water supply volume, however can become harmful if the surrounding land holds chemicals and other waste. Anderson continues, “Everything that’s in your yard, including pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, even dog waste pet waste, including things in your driveway like oil, or transmission fluid — you may have dropped just, you know, a half a cup or a quarter of a cup of the transmission fluid and thinking, oh, that’s no big deal — but when we get a rain all those contaminants go into our lakes, rivers and streams.”

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Water Conservation Status

Standard Conservation

San Angelo is in standard conservation, which restricts outside watering to twice every seven days at no more than 1 inch per week, no watering between noon and 6 pm. Runoff of more than 150 feet down any street, gutter, alley or ditch is prohibited.

Report watering violations by clicking on or calling 325-657-4409. Do your part; be water smart!