SAN ANGELO, Texas – Angelo State University is set to receive $36 million in Capital Construction Assistance Project Funding through Senate Bill 52 for infrastructure improvement.

Talk of a hydronic water plant began in the 60’s after ASU was expanding and needed a more efficient way to heat and cool the buildings, Director of Facilities, Planning and Construction, Cody Guins tells us.

“Pretty much all of our large facilities except for ‘The CAF’ and the residence halls, the large academic and administrative facilities are all heated and cooled off this pipe system,” adds Guins.

Every two years, state lawmakers hear requests for Capital Construction Assistance project funding. The university referenced the drought in 2011 as one of the many reasons to be approved along side needed repairs on the pipes.

“We had that drought, we became very cognizant that we needed a different solution because if we run out of water we can’t cool the buildings,” said Guins.

The engineering and design process will begin soon. Construction is scheduled to begin by the end of 2023 but it wont cause a hassle to students and faculty on campus.

“A lot of it is going to be happening underneath where we’re standing right now. In our central plant, as well as the cooling towers behind us, there will be a small building constructed on the west side of campus, that’s pretty much all the public is going to see,” said Guins.