SAN ANGELO, Texas — The City of San Angelo has released an update on the College Hills Boulevard street project for January 2023 and it could be two more years before this project is complete.

The City’s Communication Coordinator, Lorelei Day, interviewed the City’s Director of Operations, Patrick Frerich, regarding the project which is currently six months into a 30-month project.

“So far from our perspective,” said Frerich, “We’ve made some very good progress on College Hills.”

The College Hills project covers Avenue N all the way to the loop involving a full reconstruction that includes – utilities, sewer utilities, stormwater infrastructure and roadway improvements.

Construction of underground utilities on Avenue N CC COSA

Construction of underground utilities on Avenue N down to Millbrook Street has been fully completed. This step in the process was made to prevent having to tear up the future roadway due to water mains breaks and leaks, which have been a consistent issue for this specific street. Construction for the new road is currently underway.

Construction of underground utilities on Avenue N CC COSA

“We had to dig down a lot, and it really affected the homeowners that live in that particular area,” said Frerich.

COSA has worked with an engineering firm to expedite the process cutting between four to five months of work off construction time in this area.

Despite some delays that have occurred throughout the overall project, Frerich said College Hills is ahead of schedule.

Flooding of College Hills after rain, CC COSA

After the completion of Avenue N, down to Millbrook, the project will transition south into Millbrook down to the Loop. A major part of this phase of construction will include adding an entirely new stormwater infrastructure underground. This will allow any accumulation of water to move away from College Hills, making the route safer for drivers.

One of the most prominent concerns from the community involves construction on Oxford to Avenue N regarding homeowner’s driveways.

“We’ve always said from the get-go this was going to be a painful process, ” said Frerich, “It has been very inconvenient and very painful if you will, for those citizens that live directly inside that section of roadway – we’re very, very aware of that.”

Frerich continued by saying the city and engineers have worked to improve and speed up construction in these areas while still producing high-quality work. As construction moves on to curbing and driveways, it will be worked on one section at a time only impacting one to two homeowners at a time.

The weather has been a constant factor in delays with this project between rain and winter weather. However, Frerich estimated completion of the north side is within eight to ten months. Construction of the south side is predicted to be completed more quickly than it has taken the north side.

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