It’s time to announce this week’s “Teacher of the Week!”

To make up for the segment we missed last week, this week two teachers won the honors. This week’s winners are Ryan McGuire at Alta Loma Elementary and Claudia Heredia at Bradford Elementary.

First is Ryan McGuire who teaches fifth grade science at Alta Loma Elementary. He was nominated by a parent who said he completely changed the way he daughter thought about science. He also was able to get her out of her shell and really make a difference in her life. Mr. McGuire said his goal is to make learning science fun.

“I thought about all of the teachers I had and how much fun they made science for me. So, I just want to try my best to make it as fun as possible for all of the students I have,” McGuire said.

Mr. McGuire says if there’s one lesson he wants his students to take with them through life its to always ask questions

Our next Teacher of the Week winner is Claudia Heredia who teaches at Bradford Elementary. The students and staff say she does so much for her students, who are in a variety of grades. They say Ms. Heredia takes the time to develop plans that are personalized to the child and their learning styles. Ms. Heredia says teachers made a difference in her life and she wanted to keep paying it forward.

“I just want to give that passion back by teaching them to read and teaching them they can overcome whatever obstacles and hurdles they have in their lives,” Heredia said.

Ms. Heredia says she is very grateful for the nomination.

Congratulations to Mr. McGuire and Ms. Heredia for being this week’s Teacher of the Week winners.

Teacher of the week is sponsored by our great friends at Concho Educator Federal Credit Union. If there is a teacher who should be considered for our teacher of the week. Fill out the form on concho-valley- homepage-dot- com and tell us who and why that special educator deserves recognition.