It’s time to announce our “Concho Valley Homepage Teacher of the Week!”

This week’s winner is Megan Hollenbeck, a 4th Grade Teacher at Fannin Elementary.

Miss Hollenbeck is in her second year of teaching and loves working with the staff as well as her students. Miss Hollenbeck also says her students teach her more than she teaches them. She incorporated the idea Harry Potter into her classroom to help make learning fun and help her students learn an important lesson.

“I want the to realize that they don’t get or understand certain things,” Hollenbeck said. “It’s ok if they’re not great at math. What matters is the fact that they’re putting the best effort in every single day and working as hard as they can, and I want them to be proud of themselves,” Hollenbeck said.

Congratulations to Miss Hollenbeck on being this week’s Teacher of the Week.

Teacher of the Week is sponsored by our great friends at Concho Educators Federal Credit Union who continue to help shine a light on our instructors.

If there’s a teacher who you think should be considered for our Teacher of the Week, click here to fill out the form and tell us why that special educator deserves recognition.