It’s time to announce this week’s “Teacher of the Week!”

This week’s winner is Leeann Cauley from Veribest ISD.

Ms. Cauley teaches first through fifth grade reading intervention and works with students who have dyslexia. She has been teaching for eight years and says her passion comes from knowing the children and their families.

“I love these kids like my own and I want the best for them and I want to make sure each kid has the same opportunity as everyone else, even though they may have dyslexia or reading disability, or is just behind because of COVID. I want to make sure that they all have the same opportunity to learn,” Cauley said.

Teacher of the week is sponsored by our great friends at Concho Educator Federal Credit Union. If there is a teacher who should be considered for our teacher of the week. Fill out the form on concho-valley- homepage-dot- com and tell us who and why that special educator deserves recognition.