It’s time to announce this week’s Teacher of the Week!

This week’s winner is Mrs. Erin Leeper, a senior English teacher, ESL for freshmen, physical education and coaches track and cross country at Lake View High School

The person that nominated her says Mrs. Leeper is always looking for ways to make learning easy on her students and she always has a smile on her face. She keeps a smile on her face and keeps her classroom lively with her upbeat personality. Mrs. Leep is an all-around impressive teacher who deserves some recognition.

When asked what keeps her motivated she said Lake View faces.

I love showing up in the morning. I watch the sunrise with my runners and my student are always excited to see me and I’m excited to see them. That’s what keeps me going,” she shared. “I love them. They need to be taught how to be successful adults and that comes before any content I can teach. I just love them, I teach them how to be loved and what it looks like, what it feels like, and how it’s a safe place to learn.”

Congratulations to Mrs.Leeper on being this week’s Teacher of the Week!

Teacher of the week is sponsored by our great friends at Concho Educator Federal Credit Union. If there is a teacher who should be considered for our teacher of the week. Fill out the form on concho-valley- homepage-dot- com and tell us who and why that special educator deserves recognition.