It’s time to announce this week’s Teacher of the Week!

This week’s winner is Mrs. Cheryl Swick, a 9th-grade English teacher at the Central Oakes Campus.

Mrs. Swick has been teaching for over 20 years.

At her school, Mrs. Swick is described as a team player who dedicated her life to the teaching profession and is humbled at the nomination.

Mrs. Swick says she tries to remind her kids to do one thing a day… “If they would read, even if it’s nothing but ten minutes a day, it will help them, not only throughout every subject they take, it’s going to help them throughout their lives. You can’t do anything without being able to read and comprehend”

Congratulations to Mrs. Swick on being this week’s Teacher of the Week!

Teacher of the week is sponsored by our great friends at Concho Educator Federal Credit Union. If there is a teacher who should be considered for our teacher of the week. Fill out the form on concho-valley- homepage-dot- com and tell us who and why that special educator deserves recognition.