It’s time to announce this week’s Teacher of the Week!

This week’s winner is Charla Blackwell, a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher at Veribest ISD.

Mrs. Blackwell has been teaching at Veribest ISD for 21 years and says she loves her job and the children make it so much fun.

“They’re just learning is fun. And you know, I just tried to the other day we were talking about numbers and some of them weren’t getting it so I just like the six and the nine so I started making up that six was lazy and symphonic bottom, and nine was sassy and has its head held high. She is so much fun and outgoing,” Blackwell said.

Mrs. Blackwell has also been know to bring a few animals to class and takes her students on several field trips.

Congratulations to Mrs. Blackwell on being this week’s Teacher of the Week!

Teacher of the week is sponsored by our great friends at Concho Educator Federal Credit Union. If there is a teacher who should be considered for our teacher of the week. Fill out the form on concho-valley- homepage-dot- com and tell us who and why that special educator deserves recognition.