Ryan Lochte and three other swimmers representing Team USA have come under fire for supposedly lying about being robbed while in Rio.

Brazilian police removed two U.S. Olympic swimmers from a plane Wednesday night to question them over their claims they were the victims of an armed mugging.

Now, two of them have been released by police, and another in Brazil is said to be cooperating with investigators. Lochte has made it back to the United States.

It has been one of the most-talked about stories of the Games this week, but there are some who aren’t paying attention to what the headlines say.

Many Team USA athletes who are still in Olympic Village have other things on their minds, and instead of focusing on whether or not Ryan Lochte and three fellow swimmers were really robbed at gunpoint— they’re focusing on competing or recovering.

“I just finished competing yesterday, so I’ve just been watching Disney movies and stuff. I haven’t really been watching the news or TMZ about what Ryan Lochte’s doing,” Sean Furey, a Team USA Olympian.

For Team USA athletes who are contemplating the story, they hope the swimmers were not robbed—and hope even more they didn’t lie about it.

“Team USA is supposed to be full of pride and it’s the biggest honor that I can think of– to wear USA across your chest and compete and to have somebody, you know, make up a blatant lie about something, that’s pretty shameful,” said Team USA Olympian Sandi Morris.