SAN ANGELO, Texas —  The first time in 7 seasons, the Eagles found themselves outside a playoff spot in 2021. The Eagles are also moving up in 2022, from 2A Div. II to 2A Div. I. 2022 will be heavily relied on freshmen and sophomore classes.

“You know, honestly I think we’re going to compete at a high level. I think every Friday we’re going to be a hard team to beat just because we’re going to play hard. We do have a lot of youth and not a lot of experience, but the way we’re working, I think they can overcome a lot,” said head coach Scott Freeman.

While being a new head coach to a young group of student-athletes can be a challenge, the importance of being a great leader on and off the field is vital, while also feeling welcomed with open arms.

“It’s awesome. Since we’ve been here at Junction, they’ve been welcoming to me and my staff. The kids work hard. You never have a bad day when you come to work here, and that’s been the biggest thing for me. I don’t dread coming to work, and all the kids are out here busting their tail, and we appreciate that,” said Freeman.

Missing the playoffs in 2021 rubbed the Eagles the wrong way, and they’re using that as fueling motivation.

“The motivation, the hunger to get better, and everyone is excited and motivated to come out here. It might be early in the morning, but we’re ready to work,” said wide receiver, Ragan Levien.

The hungry group of young athletes loves the new direction this team is headed under new head coach Scott Freeman. They have put their trust in him to lead them to new heights this 2022 season.

“He’s worked us a lot harder than we have in the past. We have more kids and our team is just getting better this year,” said offensive lineman, Richard Colvin.

The Eagles will officially kick their season off on Friday, August 26th on the road at DeLeon.