SAN ANGELO, Texas  — Coming off arguably their best off-season in program history, the Miles Bulldogs took home the championship title in the state 7-on-7 tournament, and they aren’t stopping at that, they want to be the hardest working team out there. 

“How well can you execute when the tanks empty? Anybody can empty their tank, you know they can work to that point of exhaustion, but how well can you continue to execute when the tanks empty,” said head coach Jayson Wilhelm.

Looking into the season, the Bulldogs have a tight group of seniors that are stepping up as leaders and supporting their team. 

“We’ve seen our quarterback step up big time this year. He’s been our starter since freshman year, and just to see him grow and how much he’s achieved and accumulated over the years, it’s just been awesome. He’s been one of our biggest leaders,” senior wide receiver, safety, and kicker, Carson Ellison said.

“It’s really big, I mean, our receivers have stepped up huge. Carson Ellison, he’s a good leader on this team, and then the OLine is going to step up big this year. We’re not as big as we were last year, but they’ve stepped up in a huge way,” junior quarterback and free safety, Hayven Book said.

After a few seasons not going exactly the way the Bulldogs hoped, head coach Jayson Wilhelm is confident that the hard work will pay off. 

“These boys have put in a lot of hard work. They’ve went above and beyond, they’ve done some things that they haven’t been doing before, and they’ve done everything we’ve asked them to do. It’s just one of those, it shows hard work, pays off,” said Wilhelm.

Miles kicks off their season in a scrimmage Friday, August 19th against Iraan, and their first official game is Saturday, August 27th over at Midland TLCA.