Trophy Case: Bob Johnson 06-09-14

So far our Trophy Case Athletes have all been young kids excelling in various activities. This week we change it up and visit with an athlete who has already had his success and is now set to be honored for it. Jeff Corean has the story in our Trophy Case segment.

Jeff Corean: “This weeks Trophy Case Feature Athlete is Bob Johnson who in just a couple weeks is going to be inducted into the Delano High School Hall of Fame in Delano, California. It’s a very prestigious hall of fame, very prestigious award. Mr. Johnson, this isn’t the first time you’ve been asked to do this but now you’re going to go do it. Talk about Delano High School and your playing days in California.”

Bob Johnson: “Delano was a famous town, not because of Caesar Chavez but famous for many other reasons. We had a great basketball team my junior year and I was a starting guard on that and then we had a championship track team. Won the West Coast Relays, it was unbelievable. In football I lead the league in rushing and touchdowns.”

Jeff: “Now that you’re reliving those glory days, do the memories start coming back to you, do you go right back to those playing days?”

Bob: “Yeah, I can even tell you the plays. They just start coming back.”

Jeff: “What was your favorite play?”

Bob: “21 fake 33. That’s what I scored the most touchdowns on. It was a quick pitch to the outside and I could run pretty good, I had some speed. The older you get the more you relive.”

Jeff: “Football wasn’t your only sport, you were talking about the sprint relay where you guys won and there were a bunch of world record holders at that meet.”

Bob: “It was the West Coast Relays, Don Brag – the world record holder in pole vault, Al Order – discus thrower, Perry O’Brien – Shot Put, Bobby Morrow from Abilene Christian was there, he had just set the world record in the 100. We missed the world record by a tenth of a second, it was really a prestigious track meet. It always is, it still is today.”

Jeff: “That is Bob Johnson, this weeks feature Trophy Case Athlete.”

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