SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Angelo State Belles hit the hardwood a little over two months ago and have made it known that they are coming this season to win. The Belles are led by second-year head coach, Alesha Ellis, who is finally seeing all the behind-the-scenes work, come to action. 

“Mainly, it’s just getting to know everybody and chemistry is huge,” said head coach Alesha Ellis. “You know that especially on the women’s side, that’s something that we spend a lot of time doing, and for us on the coaching staff and getting to know our players and even off the floor, it means a lot and it helps us coach them.”

But it isn’t just on the coaches to make a team come together, it’s also the athletes’ job, and this team has had no trouble buying into this Belles program, even when they could have.

“On the player side and just their buy-in, I can’t be more thankful for that, you know, they could give up at any point. We’ve had a few key losses this year, and that could’ve given them a reason to give up but you’ve seen certain players step up in those roles and I’m super proud of that. I’m very grateful for their leadership with that,” Ellis said.

What’s the blueprint for the Belles’s success though? Defense. Defense. and more Defense. Controlling what they can control during a game, and making opportunities when they can on the floor. 

“I think if we do not ride on defense and rebounding, I think we’ll have a hard time the rest the way out,” said Ellis. “That has got to be a definite priority in our game plan. I do think we’re getting better on the offensive end but as of right now, this team has to control the defensive end and that is something that they know and they can control.”