SAN ANGELO, TX— “It feels nice to win something like that, and I felt good after the game,” said Sting wing Bliss Bates.

It was a great moment for one nine-and-under basketball team, San Angelo Sting. After competing in the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation Basketball Tournament in Waco, they walked away with a state championship.

“We beat all the San Angelo teams our age or higher. We came up and won this thing, and I was surprised. I had good confidence in our team that we could win, and I prayed that we could win, and it worked,” said Sting wing Addison Ahlers.

“We were all crying at the end because we were all happy that we won,” said Sting post Aubree Sablan.

The girls have bonded with one another and have helped each other grow in various aspects.

“We are actually really close with the new people on the team, and we’ve been together since last year,” said Sting post Maliyah Adeparusi.

“They help me grow as a person and give me more mentality and to be a great leader,” said Sting point guard Jayla Allen.

To have won state is huge for these girls, and getting a taste of success is something they are eager to do again when they start back up tournaments in April.

“Win another one and just be a good leader. Reach your goals. Be a good leader. Pass the ball, share the ball get a bucket if you need it. Be a good teammate,” said Allen.

“The best part is that we have fun, and in the future, we will get better and better and win state again hopefully,” said Ahlers.