The first half of Sunday’s Week 2 game between the Colts and Ravens was closer than expected, with Baltimore leading 10-7 at half. But for Ravens defensive back Kyle Hamilton, he was out there having the time of his life.

Just over one minute into the game, Hamilton blew past an offensive line that hardly realized he was on the field for his first uncontested sack of the day, laying a big hit on Colts QB Gardner Minshew.

While it was an impressive play, the thing that made it stand out even more is the fact that it happened not one more time, but twice for Hamilton — in the first half.

Just a few minutes later with the game still in the first quarter, Hamilton did it once again, running untouched until the last second when the Colts running back laid a hand on him at (literally) the last second.

But no way the Colts could let it happen again, right? Oh, they did and this one may have been the worst of the bunch, as it didn’t even appear anyone on the line or around ball even gave Hamilton a second look before he took Minshew down again.