Across America, a tentative cultural exchange is taking place. As musician Taylor Swift and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce have taken their tentative relationship public, fans of Swift's music and the NFL have rushed to teach each other the lingo of their respective enterprises.

This humorous interplay between fans of "The Last Great American Dynasty" and fans of the American Football Conference's current dynasty was aided Wednesday morning by the Kelce brothers themselves, who offered an explainer to "Swifties" who may be encountering football for the first time.

Eagles center Jason Kelce set up the segment by indicating the brothers would take questions from listeners "who are gonna be tuning in maybe, potentially, for the first time."

The first question was, "What's a field goal?"

After Travis faltered at simplifying the century-old concept, Jason took a stab.

"It's hard, something so simple, it's hard to explain," he said. "A field goal is when you kick the ball through the uprights, as an offense, and you get three points."

"You settle for three points," Travis added. "The goal is always to get the ball in the end zone. But when you don't get the ball in the end zone, and it's fourth down, typically you settle for three points."

It was a means of scoring points Kansas City only needed to turn to twice Sunday, as the Chiefs romped past the Bears 41-10.