It seems that the winter weather that threatened NFL games at the tail-end of the season has now extended over into the NBA. 

Wizards-Pistons has been postponed because a Dallas ice storm has left Detroit unable to fly home and host the Wednesday game. The Mavericks beat the Pistons 111–105 on Monday. A rescheduled date for the Wizards-Pistons game is unknown and “will be announced at a later time,” per the league. 

Numerous planes have been grounded around the the Dallas-Fort Worth area with an ice storm warning in effect through Thursday morning for northern and western parts of the area, according to Fox 4. Wednesday’s game against the Wizards is not the only one on the Pistons’ slate this week; they’re also supposed to face the Hornets on Friday and Suns on Saturday—both at home in Detroit. 

However, there’s another game that could be in jeopardy too. The Pelicans are slated to play the Mavericks in Texas on Thursday, and according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the league is working with the franchise because the Pelicans are currently in Denver. 

Wojnarowski also reported that Detroit waited at the airport for seven hours on Tuesday before going back to their hotel