For anyone who has gone to a sporting event as a fan of the away team, you know the risks. It’s likely you’ll find yourself as a walking target by the home team fans and you run the risk of having to watch your team lose while surrounded by the enemy. It’s not for the weak—as seen on Sunday with the birth of the newest NFL meme. 

The Fox broadcast of the Lions–Falcons game caught a lone Atlanta fan standing among an ocean of Detroit blue and his expression perfectly encapsulated what it’s like to be surrounded by the enemy team when you’re down. 

With Detroit up 10–3 in the second quarter, the broadcast showedd the crowd roaring with their “3” signs drenched in Lions gear. But in the Where’s Waldo? of the NFL world, a man with black sunglasses and a white Kyle Pitts jersey can be seen right in the middle appearing absolutely miserable. 

Naturally, the internet had some messages for the anonymous fan who braved the tough conditions.