It is the time of the year when the NFL’s competition committee discusses possible rules changes, and one specific rule proposal would be a major change. According to ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, the committee proposed a rule that would place all kickoff fair-catches at the 25 yard-line, even if the player fair catches inside that yardage.

A different proposal would move the spot on a punt return touchback from the 20-yard line to the 25, a similar change that the NFL implemented years ago for kickoffs.

Those rules would be a significant shift on special teams, as the NFL is trying to limit kickoff or punt returns and create more touchbacks for player safety reasons.

Other rules that will be discussed include Lions’ proposals to have a separate challenge for personal foul penalties, allow referees to consult on replay on certain penalties and giving coaches a third challenge if they win their first two.

Additionally, the Texans submitted a suggestion that replay take charge of failed fourth-down attempts, the Rams want roughing the passer penalties to be reviewable and the Eagles suggested that onside kicks be eliminated in favor of the offense converting a fourth-and-20.

While those rules will be discussed, some team proposals and other popular suggestions from last year did not make it to the next stage of discussion. Seifert reports rules that would get rid of hip-drop tackling and pushing quarterbacks on sneaks didn’t gain any traction.