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Sonora starts Sherrill era


SONORA — The 21 seniors on the Sonora Broncos are entering their final season of football with a new head coach.

The Broncos’ hired Kevin Sherrill to lead the program in May after he spent the last two seasons at Ralls.

Sherrill brings a new intensity and attitude to practice that returning players are beginning to pick up.

“We’re are going to put you in a position to be successful,” said Sherrill.

“We’re going to coach you up at your position, but you got to give the effort. That’s one keyword for us every single day is effort. With effort, we get intensity, we get enthusiasm, and that’s what we want.”

The transition might not be easy, but seniors are excited about their head coach’s empahis on effort.

“It’s pretty much just the work ethic, that’s pretty much what it is,” said senior runningback Aldo Deluna. “This year, coach Sherrill has been getting on our butts and we’ve been working hard. It’s a lot of things to do”

Senior Linebacker Brock Ashenbeck added, “If a player messes up, he will turn his hat backwards, get down on all fours, and do what they are supposed to do for them. It’s pretty exciting to watch.”

Sonora opens its season against Ozona at 7:30 on August 30th, at Broncos Stadium.

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