Jeff:”Angelo State looked like a completely different team in game 2 of the College World Series yesterday putting up a 5-0 shutout against Wilmington. The major difference in yesterdays win versus Saturday’s loss was the team just relaxed and played rams baseball.”

Sam Kohler: “First game coming in we just seemed really uptight to me. We just never really got anything going but yesterday we were able to score some runs.”

Cameron Massengill: “The energy was better yesterday. Everybody seemed more ready to go, more enthusiastic about it so I would say the energy was a lot better.”

Jeff: “Junior lefty Steve Naemark came through in clutch situations yesterday to earn the W for the Rams. Something his teammates have become accustom to.”

Massengill: “His attitude about the game, he’ll get bases loaded with no outs and he knows for a fact that he is going to give up no runs. He has that confidence about him, that swagger that he knows he is going to get it done. He just goes out there everyday and does it.”

Steve Naemark: “I just find a rhythm and go with it and I don’t let the pressure of base runners get to me at all.”

Jeff: “ASU’s season is on the line once again tomorrow and to keep their season alive it’s simple, just hit the baseball.”

Kevin Brooks: “We gotta hit. Bottom line we gotta hit and we have to find a way to score runs without the other team helping us. You can talk about everything you want but we need to hit. We need to control the runners a little better. I feel like we didn’t do a good job of that. But other than that we need to hit and score runs.”

Jeff: “From the Rams National Championship Head Quarters the Double Tree Hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina, Jeff Corean, KSAN, San Angelo’s sports channel.”