Jeff: “The Rams bounced back from being shutout just two days ago right here at Coleman Field by posting a shutout of their own. One key to that victory was the play of the guys up the middle.”

Kevin Brooks: “They’ve done that for us all year. That’s what I feel like they say about baseball if you’re strong up the middle you have a chance of being a pretty good team. Sammy is a good of a second baseman as there is defensively in the country. So is Paxton. Then Elias is really good he just hadn’t got the chance to get out there a lot but we made some good plays and did what we needed to do.”

Jeff: “Another key to victory today for the Rams was keeping the ball out of the air. The Rams proved that the perfect formula to win was to keep the ball on the ground.”

Elias Aguirre: “I though this game we did a lot better job of putting the ball on the ground I think they had 4 errors 5. That just shows what happens when you put the ball on the ground.”

Brooks: “We played solid today I did not think we played great. Our approaches were better at the plate. I feel like we got the 5-0 lead we maybe gave some at bats away”

Jeff: “The Rams have their final day of rest tomorrow before they play Wednesday. With a win Wednesday they have to win on Thursday and Friday to make it to the championship round on Saturday. From the College World Series in Cary, North Carolina, Jeff Corean, KSAN, San Angelo’s sports channel.”