SAN ANGELO, TX— The Adidas Titans are an established baseball organization that began in Central Texas over six years ago.

The age groups range from 9 and under to 18 and under, including national high school teams that compete in some of the most extensive showcase tournaments in the country.

The staff is determined to give high school athletes exposure to showcase their talents in front of schools from all over the country so they can play at the next level.

This program focuses on unique hitting and throwing/pitching drills in their practices to teach players proper movement patterns, develop strength, and minimize injury.

“We bring solid ball play. They’ve already been established in the Central Texas area and we are trying to bring that right here to West Texas. We want to just give the kids another option to play some good ball. I think there are a lot of ball players that are not able to play just because of the lack of options. We are just trying to bring that to the table and produce a good ball club,” said the director of Adidas Titans West Texas, Andy Sarabia.

“I mean we look for kids that just love the game of baseball. That’s something that you can’t teach. We can teach athleticism and how to hit all the time, but if you’re not passionate about the game and you don’t want to be here then this probably isn’t the sport for you. We just like to see kids that are out here enjoying themselves. That’s going to lead to a bright future for them if they are just out here having fun,” said Patrick Bannister, the head coach of Adidas Titans in Cedar Park.

If you want more information on tryouts or this organization, you can head to their website