SAN ANGELO, TX— For Ashlyn Lerma, her success at Angelo State has increased over the years, and not only has she been a constant competitor for this program, but her personality is what stands out the most.

“If you are small, you have stuff to offer to the game other than home runs,” said senior infielder Lerma.

Lerma has had quite a career at Angelo State. She became the third Rambelle in program history to swipe 100 bases earlier this season. Even though she’s small in size, her game is unmatched.

“She’s getting on base, she’s given us a spark offensively, and she’s the best defensive second baseman in the country. There’s nothing else that we are looking for her to do. We want her to continue. She’s got to that level where she’s probably playing above what we ever expected out of her,” said head coach Travis Scott.

On the field and off, her personality is one of a kind which helps form the chemistry on this team.

“I talk to everyone. I talk to the other team. I talk to the umpires. I think it’s just all a part of the game. You are here to have fun, and I have fun talking, and I’m going to talk to everyone I can,” said Lerma.

“Sometimes I probably rather she didn’t ask me a lot of questions, but she’s always going to push that limit like ‘Hey, can we do this today? Can we do that?’ I’m like Ashlyn, no, get ready for practice,” said Scott.

Lerma hasn’t quite reached her goal with stolen bases, but she is hopeful the time is coming.

“I’m trying to beat the school record which is 151. I’m not sure where I am. I know I am short. I know I have to average about one a game. So I’m hoping I can beat it,” said Lerma.

As a senior, her time left is limited within this program, but there is no question that she has already left her mark.

“She is just a unique player. Very unique. Of course, she is small in stature. I never thought I would recruit anybody her size but man, what a gem she has been,” said Scott.