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Now fundraising to be able to perform in Florida

SAN ANGELO, TX – In the small town of Bronte, local high-schooler Nikkole Harendt is charging ahead on a fundraising campaign to help her get to Florida at the end of the year.

Nikkole, who suits up every Friday to portray “Leroy the Longhorn” for Bronte High School, won the All American Mascot Award earlier this year. From a pool of 800, the competition allows for 50 mascots nationwide to head to Florida in January to perform at the Citrus Bowl.

“I finally decided to sign up because I thought, ‘well it would be neat and I could finally do something and have fun with it and be funny,” said Harendt. “When I first did the dance last Friday at the pep rally everyone loved it. They were so happy, everyone was like up and had a lot of energy. They were so happy with it.”

Nikkole plans to attend college after her academic career at Bronte High, in the hopes of becoming a successful diesel mechanic. To donate to her effort to get to Florida, head to her Go-Fund-Me page.

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